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June 24
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Frank D. Howe
David Reo

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Earth Mama
Earth Mama - A Sense of Place

Carry Elkin & Danny Schmidt
Carry Elkin & Danny Schmidt - For Keeps

A must have !

Country Music Directory

The Country Startpage brings you an impressive collection of country music sites on the internet.

Discover new country & western artists, find the lyrics or tabs of that special song or visit one of the many other sites filled with information about your favorite music. Feel free to inform us about artists and sites we seem to have missed in our search for relevant sites.

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Exclusive Interviews

On this site you will find exclusive interviews, so take a look to find out new facts about your favorite artist or learn to know some of the rising stars who just started their career. Recently we published an interview with Hicks

interview with Hicks

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Country Music Industry Directory

Especially for artists and other people who are working in the music industry we have our industry directory, filled with interesting links so you will find everything you need to start a musical career, or just to find a better publicity agency, manager, record label, recording studio or producer.
Finding the right people is very important so please let us know when you think a link should not be on our list because the person or company can't be trust.
Keep in mind that you can always need some help, but it also needs a lot of talent and persistence to become a real stars.

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Why Country Music?

With the question above we always try to start our interviews and the following answers are taken from some of them.

Aaron Tippin: "Why not country music?"
Julie Kennedy: "It always makes me feel at home!"
Bo Porter: "I was born Country."
JC Cinel: "It's my safe place to hide..."
Karin Wright: "It touches my soul like no other music..."
Myrol: "The songs are user friendly."
Elaine Roy :" That's what we grew up on and fell in love with."
Patty Parker: "Because it runs deep in our family roots."
Shelly Dubois: "It's my style - it's what I grew up listening to."

Jessica Rae
Jessica Rae - Freedom Avenue

Amy Allen
Amy Allen - Someday Is Today

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The Whisky Sites Directory - Whisky, Whiskey and Bourbon Sites
Tia McGraff
Tia McGraff - Break These Chains

A marvelous album !

John Zipperer
John Zipperer - Full Circle

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