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Welcome to The Country Startpage: The start for enthusiasts of Country Music, Artists and people working in the Western / Country Music Industry since 2006!

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With more than 200 exclusive interviews, you can read all the ins and outs of your favorite male and female artists. Get to know them better in our Interview section.

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Do you like Country Music? You cannot miss out on this section. This directory contains names of artists and big events nearby. You name it and we have it for you.

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Industry Directory

Record Labels, Artist Management and Recording Studios. You name it and we have them all listed in our Industry Directory specifically made for the Country Music Industry.

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Hillary Reese

Hillary Reese

“I always like to say that I didn’t choose country music, it chose me.”

Hillary Reese

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Some of our TOP interviews over the years!

The Latest from The Country Startpage

The New Country Startpage!

On June 28, 2019 we’ve launched the new Country Startpage. Did you know that we started this project back in the year 2006?

Country Startpage back in 2006

CSP in 2006

Country Startpage after a Major update in 2015

CSP in 2015

Note that this is a soft-launch of the new website, do you see anything to improve? Let us know via our contact page.

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