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Country Music PR Companies – Publicity & Promotion

Here you can find the companies that will promote your Western or Country music. Let these PR and marketing companies handle your publicity so you can concentrate on creatring the Country Songs you love to make.

So is a PR company a company that buy’s all your advertisement? No they won’t, they will contact their network of magazines, websites, newspapers and other sources to give you free exposure within the industry. For example: They would ask the Country Startpage for having an interview with the artist / band they represent. Just like with normal advertisement there’s usually an hourly or monthly fee for work provided by the PR company. Make sure to pick one of the list below as they will have the contacts already in place to do a decent job.

Some of the companies listed will make a mixture of publicity & promotion and Paid Advertisement. Decide for yourself what’s the best mix for your career in music.

PR Companies