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Country Music Record Labels

On this page you will find a collection of the most important country music record companies and labels on the internet. This will include everything from Small start-ups til the bigger record labels for Country Music like Sony Mucis and Universal Music Group. As expected most of the labels for Western and Country Music are based in Nashville, USA. There’s also quite a number of labels operating from Canada, Europe (mainly the UK) and Australia. Most of the Record labels will do the Full Service for their country artists. This includes PR services, Advertisement, Bookings, Recordings and protects copyrights for the Music and videos.

Before picking a Record label, make sure that your Western or Country Music matches the style of the other artists (or if you want to be in that list). The ones listed here are specialized in Country Music. It’s usually the Record Labels that will scout upcoming artists from Youtube and Spotify to be part of their Label, but you also can take the first step by contacting the Labels below.

Record Label