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Country Music Songwriters

On this page you will find some sites of country music songwriters. Usually bands and individual country artists will write the songs theirselves but a songwriter can take this job away from you. Even if you love to write the songs yourself, it will be a great experience to make use of a songwriter at least once in your life. They will teach you tricks in the process to create good songs, this is something you can benefit from in the rest of your music careers.

You have multiple ways to do business with Western and Country music songwriters. You can just buy a pre-created song to perform yourself or your band including all rights. More common is to decide the subject of your new song and the instruments to use and they will make the song from A to Z. They will also make sure it’s a song accepted by the general public (so will do well on the Billboards if permormed well).

Some of the Famous country songwriters are listed below: 

SongWriters Country