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Exclusive Interview with The Roys

The Roys

About The Roys

  • Interview date: July 6, 2011

Why country music ?
~ Elaine: That’s what we grew up on and fell in love with.
~ Lee: It’s what we were raised on

If everything would be possible (waking the dead included) , which two people should sing the ultimate country duet?
~ Elaine: Elvis and Dolly.
~ Lee: Any of the legends.

What song you ever recorded means the most to you and why?
~ Elaine: Everything I Ever Wanted is special to me cause we wrote it with our Mom in mind and it’s for all Moms out there.
~ Lee: Grandpa’s Barn.. Because I co-wrote it for our Maternal Grandpa.

Who would you like to write a song for you?
~ Elaine: Not sure maybe Dolly.
~ Lee: Dolly.

Whisky wine beer or water?
~ Elaine: Water.
~ Lee: Water.

What is the question interviewers never asked you while you were always hoping they would. (and give us your answer)
~ Elaine: What would you do if you were not a singer?  Accountant!
~ Lee: Same as elaine… I’d be in sales.

Describe the ultimate recording studio (not the technique but the facilities)
~ Elaine: A peaceful place where creativity flows!
~ Lee : A place that feels like home.

Johnny or June ?
~ Elaine: Both.
~ Lee: Johnny.

Give us your top 3 country songs ever.
~ Elaine: I Will Always Love You, He Stopped Loving Her Today, Your My Best Friend.
~ Lee: He Stopped Loving Her Today, I Will Always Love You & Mary Ann.

We love to bring our readers exclusive scoops, so what would you like to share with our readers ?
~ Elaine: Number one we are blessed and we love to give back.  We are spokespeople for Compassion International.  This is an organization that is helping to eradicate childhood poverty by sponsoring children in 3rd world countries.  They brought us on a mission trip to Bogata, Columbia and we got to meet our sponsored children.  I sponsor a 9 year old girl Nayelis and Lee sponsors 9 year old Miguel.  They say it changes their lives but it truly changed ours.  Please visit our website (website offline at the moment) and click the Compassion International logo for more information.  We have the power to change the world one child at a time!.
~ Lee: Just that we love what we do and love meeting the fans… That Compassion International is a great organization.. Check them out!

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