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Exclusive Interview with Christie Lamb

Christie Lamb

About Christie Lamb

  • Interview date: September 13, 2017

  • Country: Australia (Sydney)

Why country music ?
~ Country music has a story and therefore much more meaning in the songs. It’s honest, and true.

If everything would be possible (waking the dead included) , which two people should sing the ultimate country duet?
~ Well my two favourites already have – Keith and Carrie/ also Keith and Miranda.

What song you ever recorded means the most to you and why?
~ All she wrote means a lot to me as it’s a story about escaping domestic violence with a positive outcome. It was also the first single from my debut album and where things started for me.

Who would you like to write a song for you?
~ Keith Urban, I just love his writing style.

What is the one thing that readers/fans would be surprised to know about you?
~ That I was born in the UK, but have lived in australia since I was six years old.

Give us one country song you never want to hear on radio anymore and tell us why.
~ I really dont have any I can think of that I dislike – sorry

What is the question interviewers never seem to ask you and…you wish they would? (Please provide your answer as well.)
~ Who is the most memorable artist you have sung a duet with live on stage?
Keith Urban live at Deni Music Festival last year

Johnny or June ?
~ Everyone loves The Man in Black.

Are you still nervous before going on stage and if so, do you use any “rituals” to calm you nerves.
~ No not usually, the only time I can remember being nervous was at the Opera House in Sydney when the crowd were making a huge cheer that made the full tremble underneath my feet.

What was the most memorable day in your musical career and tell us why.
~ Winning CMAA new talent of the year in 2016 – golden guitar awards.

Christie Lamb Country Singer

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