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Exclusive Interview with Mitch Goudy

Mitch Goudy

About Mitch Goudy

  • Interview date: February 2, 2015

Why country music ?
~ Country is a lifestyle. It’s a mindset. I grew up with it, and it’s how I express myself naturally. I love all types of music. My rule is if it’s a good song, it’s a good song. The influences come into what I consider my style in country music, but overall it’s the lifestyle and the mindset that makes the music. You just gotta love it!

If everything would be possible (waking the dead included) , which two people should sing the ultimate country duet?
~ Wow, deep question… I think George Jones and Hank Williams would be an incredible duet. Two legends.

What song you ever recorded means the most to you and why?
~ I have to be cheesy, and say all of them mean so much to me. I write my music and co-produce it. What you hear is the Mitch Goudy sound through and through. They are all parts of my life, which I can say I like certain parts more. Probably my newest single My Girl’s Hand means the most. It was the first song I ever wrote, which will always have a special meaning.

Who would you like to write a song for you?
~ I would love for Brett James to write a song for me. I really enjoy his style and think it fits well with what I do. He’s incredibly talented!

If you could turn back time to make only one change, what would you change?
~ I would change the fact I am such a diehard St. Louis Rams fan, because we haven’t been good in 9 years. I really want to brag about NFL, but frankly I haven’t had the chance for so long. Haha. But don’t you worry, we are coming back!

What is the question interviewers never seem to ask you and…you wish they would? (Please provide your answer as well.)
~ What is your ultimate dream? – I have a crazy dream – I want to leave a lasting legacy in the world. I want to be known as a guy who did amazing things and left the world a better place. Oh, and I also want to own a mountain, but that’s another story.

Describe the ultimate recording studio (we are more interested in the facilities than the technique)
~ On a mountain, cabin decor, innovative equipment. Nobody around for miles. People that I love surrounding me.

Johnny or June ?
~ June. No need for reasoning.

Are you still nervous before going on stage and if so, do you use any “rituals” to calm you nerves.
~ I’m always a little nervous. I would almost say more anxious. I have a piece in my guitar case that I pray with before I take out my guitar. Other than that, I’m just focused on giving everything I got to the crowd.

What was the most memorable day in your musical career and tell us why.
~ There is not just ONE day. Everyday has incredible things about it. My favorites are the days when I am out in the middle of nowhere, on a cliff or on a dock. Writing songs knowing others will be singing along to the melodies. Those are amazing days.

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