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Exclusive Interview with Ricky Young

Ricky Young

About Ricky Young

  • Interview date: December 5, 2012

Why country music ?
~ It’s what I love. It’s about real life stories that connect with people. I grew up in a log cabin with 6 deer heads on the wall and God knows about every other kind of animal. Maybe I should write a song about that?!

If everything would be possible (waking the dead included) , which two people should sing the ultimate country duet?
~ Loretta Lynn and Garth Brooks.

What song you ever recorded means the most to you and why?
~ I Could Be Going Home To That. It’s the only song that I’ve ever sung that literally brings tears to my eyes. The lyrics are like a Picasso painting. It hits home, you know?

Who would you like to write a song for you?
~ Dallas Davidson, why, because he is the best right now.

Whisky wine beer or water?
~ WHISKEY, any kind will suffice. Although I am an avid homebrewer. My homebrew right now that is fermenting, I call Wrickyskakky, a Winter Brown Ale. Got a feeling it’s gonna be a good one!

If you could turn back time to make only one change, what would you change?
~ I would’ve picked up a guitar when I was 4, instead of 17.

What is the question interviewers never seem to ask you and…you wish they would? (Please provide your answer as well.)
~ If you could travel anywhere in the world for one week, where would it be? Backpacking throughout Europe with no itinerary.

Describe the ultimate recording studio (not the technique but the facilities)
~ I think where I recorded my record, Sound Stage in Nashville. So many major artist have shared the same rooms. George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Miranda and Blake, Aldean, Hank Williams Jr, and so so many more. That place is incredible!

Johnny or June ?
~ Johnny, he’s what country music is all about. A story. A hardship. A triumph. A legend.

What song or recording artists, as a teenager, do you hate to admit (now) that you actually liked?
~ Haha, Billy Ray. Achy Breaky!

What was the most memorable day in your musical career and tell us why.
~ My first CD release party. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and everything came together perfectly. Packed house, all the news crews. Just a great, humbling moment.

Ricky Young Country Singer

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